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Boise State To Big East?

Syracuse and Pittsburgh are gone, TCU will announce their intent to join the Big 12 later today, and Louisville is reportedly hoping to join them.  The Big East is on life support and reaching out to anyone that might be interested in joining them, including...Boise State?

That's the report from the Boston Globe right now.  The odds of the Broncos agreeing to move to the Big East seem incredibly remote, but contact has reportedly been made.

The Big East's conference over the weekend failed to establish any type of grounds to solidify the conference, but did serve to give insight to their thinking.  They're hoping to get to 12 programs by adding all of the service academies as well as some schools from Conference USA.  The idea being to create a true national conference with a group of teams from each region of the country.

Any move by Boise would have to be predicated on guaranteed access to the BCS, which they don't currently enjoy.  The BCS will re-examine which conference's are eligible for automatic bids in 2013, with the Big East being a prime candidate to lose their auto-bid.