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NBA Talks Continue On Deadline Day

After scheduling an 11th hour meeting yesterday prior to today's deadline to cut a deal before the cancellation of regular season games, the players and owners scheduled another meeting for today in what is the last chance to save the start of the NBA season.

Talks continue to center around the shared revenue and changes to the luxury tax system, and neither side appears to be optimistic that a deal can be reached before midnight.

Commissioner David Stern had said that if the framework for a deal isn't in place by midnight tonight, the first two weeks of the regular season would be cancelled.  The main sticking point appears to be both sides unwillingness to agree to a 50/50 share of all basketball revenues and changes to the way teams are penalized for going over the salary cap.

Other than those two topics, the two sides have worked out most other issues and could make a deal if the two main points can be agreed upon.