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Super Bowl Recipes: Food And Snack Ideas For Sunday's Big Game

The New England Patriots will not win Super Bowl XLV. They won't even be playing in it. Hopefully you've fully accepted that at this point. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the 2011 Super Bowl.

There's still plenty to keep any Patriots fan entertained, from the commercials, to rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose, to cheering for the Green Bay Packers to beat the Steelers to rooting for audio issues during Black Eyed Peas' halftime show, to the food. Ah, yes, the food. Perhaps the most important part of the Super Bowl (OK, we suppose it's a close second to the football stuff).

We will be updating this StoryStream throughout the week with various recipes from the SB Nation Boston, hopefully giving you some tips and ideas that allow you to properly consume thousands of calories this Sunday. You never want to be the one who shows up to a party with just a bag of chips and and a can of dip (though, if you must, please make it Heluva Good's French Onion Dip).

Check back throughout the week and weekend for new recipes (and drink suggestions!). We can't promise Mario Batali or Anthony Bourdain-level recipes (most likely less drug use than Bourdain, though), but hopefully we can provide recipes that are as simple as they are tasty.

For more check out SB Nation's recipe book and be sure to visit Sarah Sprague's excellent collection, 28 Days of Super Bowl Recipes.