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Silent, Unaware Bill Belichick At Center Of Chad Ochocinco Controversy

Bill Belichick isn't the type of guy to run his mouth, make controversial statements, or really say anything that will make him the center of attention. He speaks through actions and on the field, not on the podium or to reporters.

Which is why he will be all-the-more surprised and confused when he finds out he's at the center of what could be a growing controversy involving Chad Ochocinco and coach Marvin Lewis.

When Lewis was asked by Ian Rapoport at Monday's Senior Bowl about Ochocinco's desire to play with the Patriots, his answer raised a few eyebrows:

Belichick's smarter than that.

This isn't the first time Lewis has been less-than-complementary to his star receiver, but that's a big one right there.

Ochocinco's response was short and simple, appending an "#AssWhoopnTime" hash tag to Ian Rapoport's initial tweet. Whose ass is not quite certain. The smart money seems to be on Lewis, but maybe he's going to prove himself against the defensive backs of the league in the future? Or just take it all out on the innocent bystander in the hoodie.

Whether or not Belichick would target Chad Ochocinco is an interesting question. While he was willing to take a risk on Randy Moss, who had a similar reputation for being a locker room disruption, Moss was just 30 years old when the Patriots picked him up compared to Ochocinco's 33--Moss' age this year when he and the Pats underwent a very public divorce.

Regardless of the likelihood that Lewis is right, though, I can't imagine we'll ever hear it from Belichick himself. When he's invariably asked, expect to hear that Ochocinco is a "very good player," and not much more.