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Tom Brady Reportedly Fractured Foot 'Prior Or During' Sunday's Game

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Was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady playing with a broken foot during Sunday's Divisional Playoff game against the New York Jets? A Boston sports radio station is saying so.

WEEI hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan reported Wednesday morning that two distinct "unconfirmed" sources claim that Brady had a fractured foot either "before or during" the Jets game on Sunday.

The two hosts say that the reports are unconfirmed because the Patriots are nortouiously tight lipped about injuries. The two sources are not close to Brady, but credible.

Brady was listed on the pre-game injury report released last Friday as "probable" with a "right shoulder/foot" injury, though he has been listed as such since Nov. 10. NESN points out that Brady told both WEEI hosts on Monday morning that while he did not have high expectations for his postseason exit physical, he would be able to start up his postseason work right away:

"The one positive I thought about on my way home after the game was the guys who come out of the game healthy can really have a good offseason. A lot of guys over the course of the season, like Wes last year, you have to get all that surgery and rehab. Fortunately, I won’t have any of that. I’ll be able to get working right away"

Tom Brady is the AFC quarterback for the Pro Bowl, which is played on Jan. 30, but when he was recently asked about, Brady responded with: "Pro Bowl? I believe the exit physical is [Monday]," Brady said. "I don't think it's going to go well."