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Pats Pulpit: 'We All Know How Great Tom Brady Is'

If SB Nation's Pats Pulpit was any indication of the rest of the Patriots' fan base, then New England fans are happy that No. 12 is going to be back for many more years to come:

And just like that, the biggest weight on the Patriots' future has been lifted. Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots for the next five seasons, at least. Now, there will be no more ridiculous rumors of a growing "disconnect" between Brady and the Patriots. There's no chance that Brady will be the biggest free agent in NFL history. Whatever nonsense you were thinking of, get it out of your head.

I could go on and provide more analysis of the deal. But to be honest, we all know how great Tom Brady is. Having him and Belichick make the team a championship contender until 2014 at the minimum. Brady will also get the chance to work with the young new core the Patriots have been developing on both sides of the ball.

Now the folks at Pats Pulpit are debating the next over-hyped question in Patriots Land: the mood of Randy Moss? The inability of a young defense? The decline of an aging Bill Belichick?

Ah, the Patriot fan is just like Belichick's players: always looking at what's next on the radar.