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BPD Accident Report from Brady Crash Released

The Boston Police, per their standard practice, released the accident report detailing the motor vehicle accident Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in on their official news website, BPDNews.

The accident report confirms conflicting reports from the operator of the mini-van, Ludgero Rodrigues, and Brady, with each claiming that they had the green light in their respective streets.

A female pedestrian victim, however, recalled to police that she and her dogs had a walk signal on Commonwealth Avenue, which would give Brady the green light to continue down Gloucester Street.

The pedestrian – a portion of the story largely touched upon up until this point – was knocked down by the force of the collision, and came close to having the traffic light strike her. She refused medical treatment at the scene.

The report also clears up who the “Jaws of Life” were used for – a passenger in the mini-van who suffered severe injuries and was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The report also mentions that Rodrigues was subsequently cited by police for failure to stop at a red light.