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Tom Brady At Gillette Stadium, Expected To Practice Thursday

Tom Brady was at Gillette Stadium Thursday morning, just hours after he was involved in a two-car accident in Boston, and is expected to practice with the Patriots Thursday afternoon.

Brady was seen shuffling in and out of team meetings, between which he told the team's Twitter that he was "ok."

Additionally, RB Kevin Faulk confirmed that Brady was on the field for the team's walk-through, saying, "He was there."

Other teammates are decidedly not taking Brady's accident as seriously as others may be. Said Matt Light: "It's just a car accident, people." And Stephen Neal said he was surprised it was "such a big deal," joking that he was concerned more about the condition of Brady's Audi.

Rookie TE Rob Gronkowksi, though, approached the situation with perhaps a more appropriate level of sincerity: "We're just all thankful that he's fine. ... Obviously it's a shock, no matter who it is."