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Manny Ramirez Apologizes For 2008 Split With Red Sox, 'Everything Was My Fault'

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With his Chicago White Sox in town to face the Red Sox, Manny Ramirez has taken the opportunity to apologize for the circumstances surrounding his trade to the Dodgers in 2008. In a series of tweets, Joe McDonald relays Manny’s regrets, over the dugout fight that occurred between Youkilis and himself back in 2008.

I think everything was my fault ...

Hey, it was my fault. When I saw Youkilis I said, ‘Hey, what happened between you and me, I’m sorry. That’s my fault. . .

So it takes a real man just to go and tell a person it was my fault. That’s what I did.

Ian Browne adds that Ramirez would have accepted a deal to return to the Red Sox had they placed a claim on him, and that Manny was “contrite” over how how relations with the team deteriorated leading up to his trade.