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Hey, Manny's Back! Yawn.

Manny Manny Manny Manny Manny Manny Manny Manny! Manny Ramirez, the former Red Sox left fielder, he of Manny Being Manny, Mannywood, and a host of other tired cliches, will be in town with the White Sox this weekend. He's evil! He's misunderstood! He's like a kid out there!* He quit on the team! He's a (insert heavily accented expletive here)! Whatever. I just don't care anymore. But I guess other people do. The Globe sent Nick Cafardo down to Baltimore to write about Ramirez.

*More on that one later

BALTIMORE — There are still some things to look forward to in this Red Sox season, and one of them is this weekend series, when the White Sox bring their brand new player — Manny Ramirez — to Fenway Park.

Yeah yeah, I get it. Look, I don't hate Manny. I don't love him either. I'm just sick of hearing about him. He's become the bizarro Brett Favre. A national media obsession, but without the same fawning or cooperation from the subject. To be fair, Cafardo doesn't exactly trash Ramirez, but he doesn't quote him either. Same as it ever was, I guess.


Hey, maybe Manny stories drive Web traffic. So I'm guilty, too. But still.