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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Patriots Drop To No. 11 In WEEI's Standings

When does a 38-30 win get you demoted in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 4? When it's a win over the Bills, apparently. Such is the case for the Patriots, who dropped from ninth to 11th in the latest WEEI NFL Power Rankings

The Patriots defense has allowed 27 points per game after three weeks of football. Opposing offenses are having their way against the Pats D and that is forcing Tom Brady and the Patriots offensive attack to put 30-plus points on the board every week. New England looks like a mediocre team at this point in the season.

The 3-0 Steelers -- without Ben Roethlisberger, mind you -- jumped up from fourth to the No. 1 spot, with the Colts, Saints, Falcons and Packers rounding out the top five, respectively.