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NHL Fighter Probert's Brain Donated to BU

Former NHL player Bob Probert's family has donated his brain to a groundbreaking research project at Boston University studying the effect of athletic head injuries.

As discussed by FanHouse and Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy, Probert's brain will be of particular interest to the study due to his tendencies towards fighting during his two decade long playing career, and his use of narcotics and alcohol. Probert passed away at age 45 on July 5th due to a heart attack.

According to and interview Probert's father-in-law did with FanHouse, Probert had discussed helping the research prior to his death with his family:

"I know Dani and Bob had spoken about (donating his body to science) prior to his passing. I know he wanted to advance the research."

The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at BU recently stunned the world of college football with its findings of a Penn football captain with an Alzheimer's-like condition at age 21 caused by head injuries suffered on the gridiron. The condition may have led to his suicide in April.