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Patriots Offense Heading for a Shake-Up Without Faulk

Will the New England Patriots offense evolve due to the absence of Kevin Faulk much like it did when Tom Brady went down in 2008?

Mike Dussault of SBNation’s Pats Pulpit thinks so, and thinks the sliding-into-predictability Patriots offense could use the shaking up:

“Let’s be honest for a second, the Patriots offense has been unimaginative and predictable for much of the last two seasons. Part of it is an over reliance on things that worked in 2007, things that the rest of the NFL has caught on to. Big third down? Chances are Welker or Faulk were getting the ball….The Patriots just became a little more unpredictable, and that has to be the silver lining to losing a player of Faulk’s magnitude.”

Dussault also hypothesizes who might take over the role of the Patriots third-down back, with Sammy Morris taking the lead.