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Bruins Refute Report Claiming Savard Will Miss the Season; Says Return is Imminent

After ESPNBoston reported that Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard may miss the entire 2010-11 season due to post-concussion syndrome, the Boston Bruins were quick to issue an official statement refuting the report.

Early Tuesday evening, ESPNBoston writer Joe McDonald quoted anonymous sources who stated that Savard’s post-concussion condition was “complicated” and could make him miss the season.

Within an hour of that report, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli jumped in the fray with an official statement claiming that any statement sidelining Savard for the entire season was erroneous, stating:

“(Savard) is under the care of our doctors. Any reports that suggest that there are any other issues regarding Marc, or him not playing for the Bruins this season, are completely inaccurate.”

Chiarelli then addressed this speculation in his remarks at the evening’s State of the Bruins Town Hall Meeting, according to SBNation’s own Stanley Cup of Chowder, claiming that Savard will be back in Boston within days and back on the ice this season. He also blasted the media coverage of all of Savard’s offseason news.