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Savard's Post-Concussion Problems May Have Shown Themselves in Playoffs

Did Marc Savard come back to the ice too soon?’s Bob McKenzie reports in a Tuesday column that Savard may have been feeling concussion symptoms during his playoff run with the Bruins:

“No one is saying, of course, but there is reason to believe Savard started feeling post-concussion symptoms as that series wore on. It was hoped the off-season would remedy any problems…”

McKenzie reports that Savard is currently in Peterborough, Ontario, waiting his fate from medical professionals. He also reconfirms that Savard’s symptoms took a more serious turn in August after some off-season training. Savard’s health – not his hockey career – is the main point of worry right now with his hockey colleagues, says McKenzie:

“Suffice to say many of his teammates are deeply concerned for his health, the hockey part of this being secondary at this point.”