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Report: Kevin Faulk Has Torn ACL

According to Chadd Finn, Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has a torn ACL—an injury that would spell an end to his season.

Patriots fans are all-too-familiar with the injury, which two years ago prematurely ended Tom Brady’s 2008 season. And while Faulk is not Brady, losing him would be a major blow to a Patriots team which is suddenly lacking depth at running back after trading Laurence Maroney to the Denver Broncos.

Faulk, a Patriot since starting his career with the team in 1999, has been a key part of the Patriots’ corps of running backs, often acting as a 3rd down specialist out of the backfield. If Faulk does miss the rest of the season, it will be the first time since 2005 that he will have played in fewer than 15 games.