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Lessons In Coach Speak From Bill Belichick

Immediately after the Jets win on Sunday, Rex Ryan was heard (and seen) shouting in the locker room, "Great friggin job!"

"We should have had it last week, but we didn't. And I know one thing. This was for the non-believers in this football team. And there were many. This is the first of many wins this year. Okay? Here we go, baby!"

Enthusiastic. Fiery. Boastful.

Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Bill Belichick, who summed up the Patriots day in his postgame press conference by saying, "We just didn't play well enough all day."

And that was just the beginning of a Lesson in Coach Speak from the Master himself.

What were your impressions of the Jets defense?

They did a good job. They did a good job.

What were your impressions of the Jets?

Did a good job. Played better than we did. Coached better than we did. Did a good job.

How did your attack change without Revis in the game in the second half?

I don't think it changed much.

What did you think of the play of Mark Sanchez?

He played well. I mean, their whole team played well. They did a good job.

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