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Marc Savard's Lawyer Threatens Suit If Contract Is Voided

According to sources, Larry Kelly, the agent for Marc Savard, has threatened to sue the NHL should the league find his client's contract to be in violation of the collective bargaining agreement. 

Signs point to Savard's contract not being voided by the NHL, even though the player himself might like it to be after what has been a tumultuous summer dealing with the Bruins' front office. Savard has been the center of trade rumors since the end of last season, and members of the team have been reported as being unhappy with his play in game seven of last year's Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup with the Philadelphia Flyers. 

Earlier today, Chris Pronger's contract, which pays him less in the closing years than does Savard's, was OK'd by the NHL, but until the official word is handed down on Savard's contract, speculation will abound, even though sources familiar with the proceedings - like Lyle Richardson here - have indicated that Savard is safe.