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Reunion Between West And Celtics Benefical For Both Parties

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Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie blog writes that the Celtics’ decision to sign embattled guard Delonte West can work out for both sides involved. West “needs a real team […] around him just to get his act together as a grownup,” he says, and Boston can provide that.

And on the court, West can help the Celtics, Dwyer explains:

Boston can really use him, and West can ably sop up minutes at either guard slot. He defends point guards better than he does shooting guards, but he’s quite capable of playing either position offensively, and the Cavs were a better defensive team with him on the court last year than they were with West on the pine.

There’s little risk in the West signing insofar as he’ll only earn a minimum, non-guaranteed salary. But there’s high reward, even if he “won’t put the Celtics over the top,” as Dwyer is careful to note, due to his varied skill set.