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Moss And Belichick Met And Spoke After Moss' Post-Game Remarks

Unless you’ve been under a rock ever since the New England Patriots’ finished off their Week 1 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, you surely know about Randy Moss’ comments made at the podium. If you have in fact been under a rock or in a cave the previous 24 hours, you can watch the video and read about the incident either here on SB Nation Boston or on Pats Pulpit.

According to the Boston Herald, Moss and Belichick spoke about the incident soon after it occurred.

While emphasizing why he made his comments, Moss said he explained to Belichick in a meeting why he said what he said. It seems, from what Moss said, the two reached an understanding. And Moss said Belichick explained the expectations going forward — to me, that means continuing to play hard.

It will be interesting to see if this effects the Patriots’ moving forward, and if so, how. Hopefully the veteran wide receiver will find a way to continue being productive regardless of what’s going on in his mind the rest of the week. Stay tuned