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Robert Kraft Denies Logan Mankins Apology Story

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In an appearance on WEEI’s Dale & Holley Show, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has denied reports that a deal with Logan Mankins was sunk by a demand for a public apology, saying there was never any deal in place at all.

While Kraft said the reports that the team and Mankins were close to reaching an agreement were false, he did confirm that the offensive lineman had contacted him to apologize for comments made to the media, and according to Kraft:

I also said to him, ‘You know, Logan, it would be nice if that was made public, because I’m hoping we do a deal with you. And I don’t want people to think that the way you do a deal is to say something that’s not true or involve ownership.’

While the stories conflict, there’s the common thread of the apology and, yes, a request for a public apology that could have been misinterpreted (or interpreted perfectly) and hurt the already strained relations between the sides.