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Logan Mankins Deal Sunk By Apology Demands?

ESPN is reporting that a deal between Logan Mankins and the Patriots was apparently sunk by the Patriots’ requesting that Mankins make a public apology.

Mankins, who has been embroiled in a contract battle with the Patriots over the offseason, reported met with the team two weeks ago, and was close to a deal when the Patriots asked Mankins to make the apology.

The team had already convinced the Pro Bowler to apologize privately to Robert Kraft over negative comments Mankins had made regarding the team owner during the contract dispute, but the team’s request for a public apology was going way too far for Mankins, and helped undo the good will and momentum that had been created by the negotiations.

It’s hard to imagine the Patriots risking a big contract like this over such a small thing, but it’s certainly not hard to imagine Mankins reacting so negatively. He has long held that the Patriots are at fault for the breakdown, having mislead him with contract promises that they did not follow through on.

If Mankins does not agree to an extension with the Patriots, he still has to report to the team by Week 10, or else he will be returning to the same situation next year. Alternatively, the Patriots could find a trade partner willing to pay Mankins, but how much they would receive in return for a troubled Mankins and his large contract demands is questionable.