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Shaq Battles With Bieber, Lays Into Lakers

New Boston Celtic center Shaquille O'Neal is receiving his height in publicity after the latest episode of his Shaq Vs. television series.

In Tuesday evening's episode, Shaq took on tweenage favorite Justin Bieber in a dance-off and pick-up game. Though O'Neal looked to be double the height of those he was competing against, he broke out his 1980s breakdance moves to "win" the competition.

In a game of pick-up, Bieber beat O'Neal to even things out for the episode. More noteworthy (sorry Bieber fans) were the barbs O'Neal tossed around while attempting to out stand-up late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

Trying to take down Kimmel, O'Neal quipped:

"I'd rather lie in bed naked with Kobe Bryant and watch Kazaam."

He proceeded to insult Bryant's LA Lakers teammate Lamar Odom by comparing Kimmel's looks to Odom's wife, Khloe Kardashian:

"If talk show hosts were Kardashian's, you would be Khloe."

To finish Kimmel off, O'Neal bragged about his free throw percentage topping Kimmel's ratings for his ABC show.

As if any Lakers-Celtics series didn't have enough drama ...