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Hurricane Earl Means Free Admission To Sea Dogs Game For Anyone Named Earl

Boston College football, the Deutsche Bank Championship and the Portland Sea Dogs -- the Red Sox' AA affiliate -- are all expected to to be affected by Hurricane Earl, with the project path having it pass through the New England area late Friday night into early Saturday morning. Of those three, guess which one is using the opportunity for a promotional event?


Following in the footsteps of decades of minor league baseball promotions, the Sea Dogs have announced that anyone named "Earl" can attend Friday's game for free. As it looks like Earl (the hurricane) won't reach Portland, Maine until early Saturday morning, the conditions might be perfect for a night at the park.


And Friday night will actually have two promotions for the price of one: it's also 1995 night at Hadlock Field, which means the team will wear their teal uniforms from 15 seasons ago, and "play music from 1995 throughout the night." Which hopefully means lots Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise."


(via Over The Monster)