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Mark Herzlich On Delayed Return: 'It's Frustrating'

Mark Herzlich, who missed Boston College's opening practice Monday afternoon -- it would have been his first full practice with the Eagles after missing the 2009 season battling Ewing's Sarcoma cancer -- spoke following the decision to delay his return once an MRI showed he had a minor injury in his right foot, saying, "it's frustrating."

"It doesn't get much more frustrating, to be honest. Mentally preparing to come back for the first day and being ready to go was obviously one of the goals. With my leg, that is fine and that's ready to go. This foot set me back. It's frustrating, I've just got to take it in stride.''

The injury apparently occurred during a summer workout with the team, when a quick transition between drills in the sand and then on turf aggravated his foot.

For now, Herzlich's much-heralded return to football is on hold as the LB is considered day-to-day, with head coach Frank Spaziani saying that "the Eagles would just wait and see how Herzlich responded and react accordingly."