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Bill Belichick On Aaron Schobel: He 'Would Have Some Value To Different Teams'

With the weekend's news that the Patriots were showing "strong interest" in free agent DE Aaron Schobel, it was not surprising that his situation was addressed in Monday morning's press conference with Bill Belichick, thanks to the Globe's Albert Breer.

Belichick was, as you'd expect, rather tight-lipped about it all.

"Nick (Caserio) and the personnel staff look at all the players out there," Belichick said. "Any player that is not on the roster, we have evaluated and he has some kind of status with us, whatever the category (is), and there are a number of categories. That's what the personnel staff does: they look at all the players. The ones that are on other teams, we keep track of them and the ones that aren't on any team, we keep track of them."

When asked what Schobel could offer at this point in his career, Belichick answered, "I'm sure he, depending on what his situation is, would have some value to different teams."