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Shaq Wants Rasheed Wallace To Stick Around

For the last couple of months, Celtics fans have been reasonably sure they had seen the end of Rasheed Wallace in Boston, as the veteran big man seemed entirely ready to retire. Things may have changed, however, if recently signed Shaquille O’Neal is to be believed.

“I know Rasheed is thinking about coming back,” said O’Neal, who was in attendance at a charity basketball game in Orlando, Fla. “Rasheed, go on and come back for one or two more years.”

Whether or not this is legitimate information from Shaq, or just some of the goofing around the future Hall-of-Famer has become known for remains to be seen, but even if Rasheed really is considering a return, do the Celtics want him?

Rasheed certainly did prove himself with a strong playoff performance, validating a regular season full of frustrations. But with the two O’Neals, Garnett, and Glen Davis filling up the front court and Kendrick Perkins on the way back, having Rasheed come back might be overkill. Especially if the Celtics could find a partner for a retiring Rasheed’s contract and pick up a needed piece elsewhere.

So hold up on the lobbying for now, Shaq. Rasheed is a good player, but not necessarily one the C’s need.