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Red Sox Sign Carlos Delgado To Minor League Deal

The Red Sox signed Carlos Delgado to a minor-league deal on Saturday, giving them another possible option to replace Kevin Youkilis, who is out for the remainder of the 2010 season.

The deal is worth $20,000 per month while he plays in the minors, and then will earn a $3 million pro-rated deal if it he makes it to the majors.

It was reported on Friday that Delgado was undergoing a workout with Boston. The Red Sox have until Sept. 1 to call him up, or then he will become a free agent.

Delgado is expected to report to AAA Pawtucket either on Saturday or Sunday and will begin playing as soon as he's ready. Delgado has not played in a game since May 10 of last year and has undergone three separate surgeries: to repair a torn labrum in his hip, to reconstruct the labrum and then another operation on his hip socket.

If Delgado can find his old stroke, it could be an extra bat off Boston's bench, says Over The Monster.

The former superstar is certainly a good hitter if, despite not playing all year, his bat is able to catch up to major league pitching. He is particularly potent against right-handed pitching, so there's a decent chance that if he makes it, it may end up as a platoon situation with Mike Lowell. Delgado has also recently recovered from the same hip surgery as Lowell, so they'll have plenty to talk about besides their platoon.