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Thomas Says He Never Waived No-Trade Clause

Tim Thomas never waived his no-trade clause when the Boston Bruins were shopping him around at the NHL Draft, the goalie told Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe.

In a blog post Friday afternoon and an article scheduled to run in Sunday's Globe, Thomas talks about the lowered market for goaltending this off-season, and makes a prediction about goalie's salaries moving forward. Thomas tells Shinzawa:

"At this particular juncture, especially with the salary cap, it seems like the goalies are next in line for the pay cuts. First it was the fourth-liners. Then it was the third-liners. Now it's the goalies. [Teams] have to. Certain guys are going to get their money, no matter what. Then you've got to try to fit everyone else under the cap. There's really not much leeway."

Thomas had left hip labrum surgery in late May, and mentions to the Globe that his recovery is ahead of schedule.