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Red Sox May Tab Delgado To Replace Injured Youkilis

With Kevin Youkilis out for the rest of the season, the Red Sox are looking into potential left-handed bats to platoon with Mike Lowell at first. They have scheduled a workout with former Met Carlos Delgado to see if he might fit the bill.

Delgado, a career .280/.383/.546 hitter, hasn’t played in the majors since May 2009, when a hip injury ended his season prematurely. It has taken the 38-year-old first baseman until now to be ready to return, but Delgado could be exactly what the Sox are looking for as far as a two month deal is concerned.

Recently, however, sources near Delgado have deemed the Red Sox to be an unlikely candidate to pick up Delgado due to his medical history, though they left the possibility open.