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Location Hurts Attendance For The Revolution In SuperLiga Semifinal

The New England Revolution beat Puebla Wednesday night to move on to the final of the SuperLiga, a championship they won just two years ago. It was a great game to watch, even though I listened to it in Spanish and don't speak the language. The play was wide open with both clubs having several chances to score. The teams were tied 1-1 at the end of regulation. To decide the match it went penalty kicks which the Revolution won, 5 - 3.

However, the attendance was a little over 5,000 for the game.

I want to stress that I don't blame the Revolution fans for the lack of attendance for this match. The Revs have a loyal and dedicated fan base, typically drawing two to three times that amount for their MLS games. For me, last nights game shows more than ever a need for a soccer specific stadium closer to Boston. It was a Wednesday night in the middle of the week. Foxborough is 45 minutes away. It's a challenge just to get there during the week for a 7 P.M. kick-off.

If you had a soccer specific stadium with access to public transportation, I think the numbers Wednesday night would have been higher. The amount of soccer fans in the Boston are is much larger than most think and it's a growing sport in New England.

It is a shame that more fans didn't see this match. It was very entertaining and Puebla was a quality club to watch. The Revolution have plans in the future to build a soccer specific stadium, and I understand that it takes time to get things done in this state, but it should be a high priority to find a location and start building the future home of the Revs.

I have seen beautiful new soccer specific stadiums just built in Philadelphia and New York. Why can't the Boston area have one sooner than later? If the Revs built one of their own, closer to Boston, more fans would be at games like the SuperLiga semifinal.