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Shaq's Deal With Celtics Reportedly Worth Around $3 Million Over Two Years

After some back and forth, Shaquille O'Neal officially signed with the Celtics on Wednesday, saying, in part, "I cannot wait to get to Boston to get started in pursuit of another championship."

Per team policy, the financial details were not announced, but the Boston Herald is reporting that it is a two year deal, "believed to be worth approximately $3 million."

Talks hit an initial snag earlier in the day when the Celtics attempted to limit the deal to one year.

But O'Neal, frustrated by a dwindling field of suiters that included the Celtics and possibly the Hawks, eventually had it his way.

It's unclear whether O'Neal pushed for a more lucrative sign-and-trade arrangement between the Celtics and Cleveland that would send the retiring Rasheed Wallace's $6 million salary slot to the Cavs.

Those numbers match that of what the Globe's Gary Washburn is reporting, which is two years at $2.8 million (two years of the veteran's minimum).

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