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Report: Celtics Talks With Shaquille O'Neal Still 'Up In The Air'

Contrary to previous reports, the Celtics and Shaquille O'Neal have not yet reached an agreement. According to the Boston Herald, the two sides are still haggling over money.

According to a league source, the NBA legend still appears to be balking at what the Celtics are willing to give - a one-year deal worth the veteran's minimum of $1.39 million.

O'Neal, frustrated by a dwindling field of suiters that may only include the Celtics and possibly the Hawks at this point, is still attempting to get more money out of the Cs.

Shaq's problem is that a one-year contract for the veteran's minimum is all the Celtics can realistically offer. The team is over the salary cap, already used their mid-level exception on Jermaine O'Neal and already used their bi-annual exception last season on Marquis Daniels. Unless the Celtics can do some complicated sign-and-trade scenario, Shaq's only hope is for them to offer a two-year contract rather than a one-year contract. Considering Shaq is already 38, that's a tough thing to expect.

Making matters worse, according to SI's Chris Mannix, the Celtics themselves are divided about even bringing Shaq in. Therefore, if Shaq wants to come to Beantown, he may have to accept that he won't get as much money as he would ideally like.