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Yo, Bra! Chad Ochocinco Has Fun With Patriots Cornerbacks Before Week One

When the news broke that Leigh Bodden would miss the rest of the season because of a rotator cuff injury, Chad Ochocinco -- being the gentleman that he is -- reached out to Bodden via Twitter to let him know his feelings:

@LeighBodden bruh you in my prayers on a speedy recovery, you give me hell when we play and i was looking forward to next weeks game #1luv

From that one Tweet it has turned into a Merry-Go-'Round between Ochocinco and the various Patriots cornerbacks on Twitter.

Next step for Ochocinco: send a Tweet to the guy that will now be covering him with Bodden out -- Darius Butler:

@DariusButler28 big bruh you from the #305 so i already know how you get down on the field, lets have fun and give folks they moneys worth

Butler's thoughts on that?:

@OGOchoCinco u already know bra!

My thoughts on that?

  1. Way too many "bruhs" and "bras" exchanged there.
  2. Why don't they just text each other?
  3. What, no love for Devin McCourty? Now, Ocho, he's going to have to show you up, bra!