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Tom Brady Says 'We're All Expecting To Play' Preseason Game Against Giants

Players and coaches alike were not pleased with the Patriots' performance against the Rams in their third preseason game last week -- Bill Belichick apparently laid into the team Friday morning; "He gave it to us pretty good," Brady told the Dennis and Callahan Show on Monday -- but did the starters play so poorly that we can expect to seem them out on the field in their final tune-up before the regular season against the Giants on Thursday? Brady says yes.

Toward the end of his interview with WEEI Radio, Tom Brady was saying goodbye. But before he hung up, Dennis & Callahan asked him quickly if he'll be, as expected, sitting out the fourth preseason game.

And his answer was, well, shocking.

"I think we're all playing," Brady said this morning. "We're all expecting to play. I don't know how long we'll play. But he told everybody yesterday, ‘Get ready to play."

As the Herald's Ian Rapoport details, Brady has not played in the fourth preseason game since 2003. We'll all learn just how serious Belichick's threat is come Thursday night.

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