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Roger Clemens Expected To To Plead Not Guilty To Felony Charges

Roger Clemens, who has his arraignment Monday afternoon at 2 P.M. EDT in Washington, DC, is expected to plead not guilty to six felony counts, including perjury, according to the New York Daily News. The charges stem from his testimony to Congress in 2008 regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Clemens was indicted a week-and-a-half ago, and promptly denied the claims, saying, "I did not lie to Congress." And that stance has remained -- according to the NYDN, Clemens has told friends "that he's happy this day has finally arrived."

Following his plea, Clemens and his wife, Debbie, will reportedly board a private jet and make their way to Myrtle Beach, SC, to participate in the first round of the World Amateur Handicap Championship.

While Clemens is at least acting confident and seemingly isn't worried about the perjury charges, there is cause for concern, for both him and baseball.

Should Clemens carry his not guilty stance forward and demand a trial, the government would almost certainly summon injured Yankee starter Andy Pettitte to testify against his former friend, and Clemens' attorneys would need to attack him.

Other witnesses could include a range of steroid dealers, Yankee players past and present, and any number of people whom the FBI might have identified as knowledgeable about what went on in major league clubhouses and gyms at the peak of the Steroid Era. Subpoenas will fly like well-aimed fastballs, and will land at the doors of teammates, trainers, doctors, GMs, gym rats, girlfriends, drug dealers, and maybe even Clemens' wife. Any or all of these figures could be asked to testify, and each will face tough questioning, under oath, at the hands of the government and Clemens' well-paid legal team.