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Kevin Youkilis Has Torn Muscle In Hand, May Require Surgery

Tuesday's bad news gets worse: according to multiple reports from the army of Red Sox beat writers (via Twitter), Kevin Youkilis, who was placed on the disabled list today, has a torn muscle at at the base of his thumb.

It is a tear of the muscle that helps to "contract the thumb," and is apparently a "relatively rare injury."

WEEI Alex Speier adds that doctors "just hadn't seen that."

For now, the Red Sox will let Youkilis rest, hoping that time away from the field will allow the muscle to heal. However, if that doesn't work, then surgery is a possibility, which, while the injury is "certainly fixable," would keep Youk out for the rest of the 2010 season.

Playing through the injury could only make things even worse, with "career implications" mentioned.

Read more at Over The Monster, where the popular opinion among the community there is that this Red Sox season is all but over.