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Surgery Seems Likely For Dustin Pedroia

While the Red Sox are already not expecting Dustin Pedroia back until 2011, the question of surgery remains for the second baseman. And now, with Pedroia talking to reporters about his status, Scott Lauber says it doesn’t sound good.

When the team gets home next Friday, [Pedroia] will undergo a bone scan that will determine whether he needs to have a pin inserted into his still-healing navicular bone.

Pedroia sounds resigned to having surgery.

"If it shows healing, I won’t have the surgery," Pedroia said, "but it hasn’t shown it’s healing the whole time."

While surgery is never the option the team or player hopes for, it’s probably better to get it over with now than to go into 2011 with the possibility looming over Pedroia’s head.