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NFL Preseason, Rams At Patriots: ESPN Boston's 10 Things To Watch On Thursday Night

The third preseason game of the year for the Patriots comes Thursday night. The third exhibition affair is typically the game when coaches will play their starters the longest, usually for as much as an entire half. If that trend holds true when the Patriots square off against the Rams, fans will get their longest and best look at how the team will play when Bill Belichick’s group begins the regular season schedule in a few weeks time.

ESPN Boston has posted a list of ten things to keep an eye on during Thursday night’s tilt against the Rams. It’s a nicely put together list worthy of a read.

Here’s several of the keys to track closely in their eyes (without the proceeding explanations):

1. Banta-Cain, Burgess and the pass rush.

2. Laurence Maroney’s place on the depth chart.

3. Run-defense gets a good test…