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Red Sox Weren't Trying To Block Johnny Damon, Want Him Back In Boston

According to Peter Gammons, the Red Sox’ waiver claim of Johnny Damon was not a strategic move to keep the outfielder from division rivals. In fact, it seems as though the Rays were not even interested in bringing Damon in from Detroit.

Instead, the Red Sox have every intention of bringing Damon back to Boston if the Tigers will agree to a trade. Which may well happen, if Buster Olney is to be believed.

Knowing what kind of a teammate he is, knowing that he’s a good guy, a genial guy, once he starts getting the text messages and phone calls from the people he played with in Boston, I think he’ll be sold on the idea eventually of going back to Boston.

If the Red Sox do manage to make a deal with Detroit to bring Damon back to Boston, it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction the Red Sox-turned-Yankee will inspire when wearing Boston colors once again.