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With Colin Larmond, Jr. Out, Eagles Will Be Stretching

Boston College's top receiver, Colin Larmond Jr., will miss the 2010 season with what is believed to be an MCL injury.

While Larmond's injury may be cause for alarm, especially after the school's all-time leading receiver, Rich Gunnell, graduated last year, there is cause for hope, thanks to a deep recruiting class, as BC Interruption points out:

For one thing, as ATL points out, BC has recruited much better at both wide receiver and tight end over the last few years. In the first few years of the TOB era, BC would be lucky to land a 3* wide receiver recruit. Now, BC has a host of young talent at the position with Phillips, Lee, Coleman and Elliott.

The other reason for optimism is that while the Eagles are thin at WR, they are very deep at TE. Hopefully Tranquill works in more two tight end sets now with Chris Pantale and Lars Anderson. Blocking TE Jordon McMichael may also see increased playing time.

Larmond is still eligible for a medical redshirt that could give him two more years of playing time at BC, according to the blog.