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Is Rondo On The Bubble With Team USA? He Thinks So (UPDATE: He Was Right)

Just one week ago, things seemed to be going swimmingly for Rajon Rondo. Having earned the praise of coach Mike Krzyzewski, Rondo seemed like a sure thing to make Team USA's final cut, and perhaps even earn the honor of starting at point guard.

Things are not so clear today.

A quiet fourteen minutes against Lithuania, where Rondo only managed to record two points, one assist, and three rebounds while turning the ball over four times may have put his future with the team in doubt. Against Spain, Derrick Rose took over starting duty and Russell Westbrook had a very good game off the bench. Rajon Rondo's contribution? A perhaps-dreaded DNP.

While coach Krzyzewski was quick to explain Rondo's benching away as just a matter of getting to see everyone play, it seems Rondo himself is far from confident in his place on the team.

"I think I'm on the bubble," Rondo said Tuesday. "Just looking at the obvious -- I got a DNP last game. That pretty much speaks for itself.

While Rondo might be jumping the gun a bit, the sequence of events certainly isn't encouraging. If his shine is wearing off to Team USA in favor of Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, though, Rondo will likely have another chance to prove himself against Greece on Wednesday. With Derrick Rose having a quiet game himself against Spain, and Team USA only eking out a one point win, things might not be nearly as bad as Rondo seems to think.

Update: Or perhaps he will be cut an hour after this is posted.