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Tim Wakefield On Johnny Damon's Possible Return: 'It Would Be Great'

The Red Sox reportedly claimed Johnny Damon off waivers from the Tigers Monday afternoon, but the outfielder has a no-trade clause specifically to Boston, which apparently comes into play even if Detroit opts to just release him, according to WEEI's DJ Bean (and echoed by FanHouse's Ed Price).

While there are still many complications that would slow a deal between Damon and the Red Sox -- notably, the outfielder saying he is "not inclined to go back to Boston" -- Tim Wakefield for one is already to welcome him back to Fenway Park.

"I think it would be great," pitcher Tim Wakefield said Monday of the possibility of Damon returning. "Obviously, with [Jacoby] Ellsbury and [Mike] Cameron out probably for the rest of the year, if we're going to make a push for the postseason, he'd be a great addition.

"He knows how to play here. He was a huge fan favorite here. It would be great for the city of Boston and great for him."

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