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Clemens Reacts To Indictment, Hall Of Fame Chances

Roger Clemens called in during "The Big Show" on the radio station WEEI today and addressed many things, including his indictment.

Clemens commented on the fact all of this may prevent him from entering the Baseball Hall of Fame:

I didn’t play the game to go to the Hall of Fame. We love the Hall of Fame, I have a lot of friends in the Hall of Fame. I go up there all the time when I can. They have the Little League tournament up there, I pop in there to see our friends. It’s a tremendous honor.

I played the game because I was taking care of my family, and it was an opportunity for me to take care of my family, and I worked hard at it. I seized the moment. My father passed away when I was young, my mother raised six of us, so on and so forth. I’m sure there’s a lot of great moms and players that are in the same situation, that have had to go out there and work hard to take care of family and extended family.

The Hall of Fame would be great. I don’t have a say-so on that, guys vote on it. Again, I’ve got a lot of neat friends. I’ve been actually getting a lot of nice texts and voicemails from people in the media that have taken a little bit more time to get to know me. All that’s great, and I appreciate that.