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Dustin Pedroia: Injury Made It 'Pretty Much Impossible To Keep Playing'

Shortly after Friday's announcement that Dustin Pedroia was headed back to the 15-day disabled list -- just days after making his return to the Red Sox' lineup -- the second baseman spoke on the injury that made it "pretty much impossible to keep playing."

"Today it's hurting when I walk," Pedroia noted. "So I guess the best thing to do is not do anything and let it heal ... After the second day it was pretty much impossible to keep playing. I have to let it heal. It's not fun." [...]

"I knew it was going to be chance if I came back at played and it didn't do well I would be out," Pedroia said. "I knew that. They told me that. It just sucked that it happened. I figured I would play a couple days and if I would be sore I would have a day of two off and be fine. But that's really not the way it's working out right now."

Pedroia underwent further examination by the team medical staff and Dr. Lewis Yocum and while no additional damage was found, all agreed it just simply hadn't healed.

There's no timetable yet for another return, and no decisions have been made regarding whether he's out for the rest of 2010. "I don't know," Pedroia said. "I've seen so many doctors I'm kind of seeing everybody. I hope not."