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Harvard's Hatch Ends Up Where He Started

Harvard has a journeyman college quarterback -- yes, you read that right -- fighting for the number one spot in the rotation heading into their 2010 season.

Junior Andrew Hatch began his college football career back in 2005 at Havard, then went on a two-year Mormon mission to Chile. While abroad, Hatch injured his knee, and when he returned to the States, had surgery. Despite the injury, LSU then offered him a spot in their rotation, but the injury bug would hit yet again. Reports Bloomberg's Curtis Eichelberger:

He completed one pass for LSU before a shoulder injury sent him to the sidelines. The Tigers beat Ohio State 38-24 in the January 2008 national title game.

The following season, Hatch and Jarrett Lee alternated at quarterback, with neither able to claim the top job for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, school. Then, in the seventh game against Georgia, Hatch cracked his left fibula in several spots during a 52-38 loss.

Hatch rejoined Harvard in the fall of 2009, forfeiting all of the credits he had earned at LSU and sitting out a year of football. He now is battling Collier Winters, the Crimson's starting QB last season, for the starter's job - a job that many believe could have been his if he had stayed with Harvard the entire time.

"When he called me to say he'd like to come back, I said, 'Fine, you can come back, but it better be based on you getting your degree from Harvard, because you'll be starting from scratch with Harvard football," coach Tim Murphy said in an interview.