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Detailing The Rise of Red Sox Pitcher Felix Doubront

This is for anyone who's ever uttered the words, "if I were them, I'd play for free."

Felix Doubront, who by this time next year should be a Red Sox fan's household name, has battled to make it under the bright lights of Major League Baseball. Earlier this season, he replaced an injured Daisuke Matsuzaka in the Red Sox' rotation and beat a tough Los Angeles Dodgers' lineup in his first-career MLB start at Fenway Park.

But it hasn't always been easy, as WEEI's Jessica Camerato points out in this piece that chronicles Doubront's maturation process. From the age of four, Doubront played baseball. From 14, baseball was his career path.

But like any other athlete, he wanted to get paid -- for his family, for his security -- and he wanted to play. That's why he turned down offers from nearly a half-dozen teams before agreeing with the Red Sox. That's why he fought through multiple injuries and infections, why he lost sleep at night, but kept fighting for his dream.

Doubront, who grew up idolizing current Sox' ace Jon Lester, still wants a regular spot in the Red Sox rotation, and knows he's good enough to get there. As Camerato points out, he's confident at this point, but he's also mature enough to get there now, too. His dream may finally be in reach, but he's far from giving up his fight.