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Never Count The Red Sox Out

Jeff Sullivan does a column every week over at called "Five Numbers," where he looks at some of the more interesting and curious figures that tend to pop up throughout a baseball season. This week, he came up with .863.

Let's look closer at that last one. OPS when trailing. The third-highest OPS when trailing belongs to the Cincinnati Reds, at .759. Well, sure. The Reds have a good offense, so we'd expect them to be good regardless of situation. The second-highest OPS when trailing belongs to the New York Yankees, at .769. Again, yeah, of course. The Yankees have a lot of really good hitters. They should be near the top of this list.

And the number one highest OPS when trailing?

That belongs to the Boston Red Sox. At .863.

It stands to reason some. We've seen the Sox come back time-and-again from big deficits with big rallies. But still, that's a pretty ridiculous number. How are they doing this? Just how ridiculous is it? Go check out the article to find out.