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MLB Trade Deadline: Mike Lowell Reportedly Nearly Traded To Yankees

Mike Lowell, who hasn't played a game for the Red Sox since June 22 and spent the past week rehabbing with Pawtucket, was a bargaining chip that Boston was trying to trade before Saturday's deadline. And according to Ken Rosenthal, Lowell was reportedly almost shipped to New York.

In the deal, which's Ken Rosenthal says was discussed Friday, Boston would have traded Lowell to Texas. The Rangers, with the Sox' knowledge, would have then shipped Lowell to New York. The Yanks -- with whom Lowell began his career -- would have used him as a backup to both Alex Rodriguez at third base and Mark Teixeira at first base and as their right-handed DH.

No word on what the Red Sox would have received.

As it is, Lowell continues in limbo, still a member of the Red Sox, but not yet activated.