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Jacoby Ellsbury Confirms Broken Rib, Out 4-6 Weeks

Jacoby Ellsbury (briefly) met with the media Wednesday afternoon, confirmed he was examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum, and then said that he had indeed re-broke the rib in his back.

"It's a broken rib in the back, broken in the exact same place as I broke it before. Basically, when I come back, I'll be stronger than ever when I do come back. 

Asked if he was done playing for the year, Ellsbury said, "We're not sure yet."

While he's "not sure yet" on the rest of 2010, the broken rib means he's out for 4-6 weeks, which is essentially the rest of the year.

Indeed, when asked about Ellsbury playing in 2010, Terry Francona said, "We're probably going to have to catch a break."

We'll assume no pun was intended.